Stop Worrying About Security

Get confidential and authoritative advice from an expert who knows your business and stop wasting time.

Private Slack

Get access to a private Slack community where you can ask unlimited questions.

Technical CISO AMA's

Ask a CISO Anything! It can be about hiring your first security person to figuring out your security roadmap or anything else!

Private Knowledge Base

Access a private knowledge base filled with cutting edge security guides, security roadmaps, best practices, and video library.

Access To Security Tools

Access to discounted pricing for security tools, onboarding support, and beta access to any CSL custom tools.

What People Say

I worked with Ayman at MasterClass & Emeritus. I highly recommend working with his firm to do a risk audit that generates actionable prioritized tasks based on business risk to improve your security posture. He is great for both early stage and late stage startups.

Ajay Varia
Co-Founder & CEO (Stealth Startup)

Ayman is knowledgeable on security and up-to-date. He helped prioritize the always difficult task of security TODOs without bullshit or being salesy. He pushed me when I needed to be without being annoying. He explained things well, answered general questions independent of cloud work.

Jonathan Mortensen
Founder, CTO

No matter the task, or situation, in two years of working with Ayman he never once let me down, and always delivered. Good security specialists are hard to find, guys like Ayman are rarer still.

Darren Remblence
Vice President, Global Security & Compliance
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